Waiting for advice

Just to let you know that the owner of 589robb has passed away  His family are waiting to decide what will happen now we have found some drafts in a document folder marked as blog drafts  We will need to discuss what to do in the future None of us know much about this site... Continue Reading →

Pencil on A4 paper , 2B and a H pencil were used and a rubber eraser . Paper quality is only very cheap for practice purposes , hense the slightly creased surface , the original photo used was chosen at random from a magazine . I have a few cheap practice pads about , pencils... Continue Reading →

Family, Working for a Living 

Like most family members who are the main bread winners , the main or only wage earner . How do you provide enough to pay for everything that is going out , whilst trying to save a little money for the extras . Now add a few children to all that , and you have... Continue Reading →

Survival of the Church or religion 

Which of the two if any, would survive into the future ?  Of the two I would have to say it would be the buildings they will  survive , the buildings are some of the most gracious and beautiful buildings in the world but religion that I'm afraid is doomed . If you took a... Continue Reading →

Was He Married ?

So , here's the thing whether you have or haven't read or even heard of the bible then , I presume you know of the person called Jesus . Well of course you have ! not many haven't even I have read the bible , and why not some are good stories , but  let's... Continue Reading →

Communications !

I've had some emails a psychiatrist he say's, about 3 posts of mine Darkness , Darkness Part 2 and Death Takes a Ride. Gathering information for a book he said , so I thought we'll if it helps one , it might be useful to others, So here we go ..  YES , they are... Continue Reading →

Something I hate sketching, always have found these awkward ! Allowed 30 mins for this one. It's something about the shape , that and not many people will model , let you sketch their feet ? Later in school ,  I remember we had a rubber bendy model foot with bits missing out of it... Continue Reading →

So sat here chatting about nothing and everything with a family members . Got me thinking , always a bad thing some would say ! Every body wants something what is "it" that we are truly looking for .  I should start right at the beginning a simple word game amongst us  ? The biggest... Continue Reading →

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