Pencil on A4 paper , 2B and a H pencil were used and a rubber eraser . Paper quality is only very cheap for practice purposes , hense the slightly creased surface , the original photo used was chosen at random from a magazine . I have a few cheap practice pads about , pencils... Continue Reading →

Family, Working for a Living 

Like most family members who are the main bread winners , the main or only wage earner . How do you provide enough to pay for everything that is going out , whilst trying to save a little money for the extras . Now add a few children to all that , and you have... Continue Reading →

Survival of the Church or religion 

Which of the two if any, would survive into the future ?  Of the two I would have to say it would be the buildings they will  survive , the buildings are some of the most gracious and beautiful buildings in the world but religion that I'm afraid is doomed . If you took a... Continue Reading →

Was He Married ?

So , here's the thing whether you have or haven't read or even heard of the bible then , I presume you know of the person called Jesus . Well of course you have ! not many haven't even I have read the bible , and why not some are good stories , but  let's... Continue Reading →

Communications !

I've had some emails a psychiatrist he say's, about 3 posts of mine Darkness , Darkness Part 2 and Death Takes a Ride. Gathering information for a book he said , so I thought we'll if it helps one , it might be useful to others, So here we go ..  YES , they are... Continue Reading →

Something I hate sketching, always have found these awkward ! Allowed 30 mins for this one. It's something about the shape , that and not many people will model , let you sketch their feet ? Later in school ,  I remember we had a rubber bendy model foot with bits missing out of it... Continue Reading →

So sat here chatting about nothing and everything with a family members . Got me thinking , always a bad thing some would say ! Every body wants something what is "it" that we are truly looking for .  I should start right at the beginning a simple word game amongst us  ? The biggest... Continue Reading →

Death Takes A Ride 

I go for a ride. The finale ride. I'm Lifted high . Moved and jostled . I Slid about. I hear the clamps. The engine starts . I go for a ride . It's not that far. I think we're there. I hear the clamps . I'm Lifted high. Moved and jostled. What's that noise.... Continue Reading →

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