Every One’s Book 

I have for a very long time now had this book theory . IT GOES LIKE THIS…… “Every body has got a book in them it may be sad , happy or full of action maybe it’s a mixture of all . But it’s a book , it’s a book their book ; THE BOOK... Continue Reading →

Off in Tangent

It's funny where you can end when you are looking for something , I started looking on line at the local library for a certain book on philosophy , that I had been in discussion with someone via emails ,  I required an audio format which would have taken too long for me to wait... Continue Reading →

Of Depression and Anxiety……..

It’s hard to walk through life with Depression and anxiety pushing and pursuing you this way and that ……………………… There is a struggle between finding some type grounding as an anchor a link and loosing your mind , they are terrible illnesses of the mind ……………. The only person who has any understanding of what... Continue Reading →


I have really got to be careful here ! This could be a really big can of worms ,  Love what is the meaning of this four letter word ? There are so many different philosophies about this , but how do I personally understand the sense of feeling love , because it is a... Continue Reading →

I Know You !

This is a line that a character said to another character in a audiobook I am listening to . Well this got me to thinking about those words " I know you " , so in truth how do you actually really know all there is to know about someone , your partner for instance... Continue Reading →

All The Hairs on My Arms Stood Up ……

Late last night I was going through YouTube looking for something to interest me, sleep evades me most nights . I like general engineering , steam engineering and art of most types mainly oils and acrylics also drawing sketching etc , so there I'am flicking through , something caught my eye and I hit on... Continue Reading →

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