Communications !

I’ve had some emails a psychiatrist he say’s, about 3 posts of mine Darkness , Darkness Part 2 and Death Takes a Ride. Gathering information for a book he said , so I thought we’ll if it helps one , it might be useful to others, So here we go ..

 YES , they are all about depressive , dark ,death thoughts and about the feel of them . 

So here are the thoughts and feelings for the stories behind the three , and how it all come out ; !

DARKNESS ; is the very thin line  that we tread between sleep and death , dreams come only as we go to and waking from sleep , the points inbetween  one to the other is very much like death ? A prelude if you like ! 

Darkness 2 ; The last step as we slip from life , the finale sleep the last dream we enter , as death takes us ! The burial being covered in the dark warm earth , the grave marker being forgotten , over growen as time passes , everyone gets forgotten !

Death Takes A ride ; This is after Darkness 2 and ; Death has taken us , reverse the point of view not from the mourners , but from that of the body , as if your presence was still attached to it , on its last journey to the crematorium via the pallbearers , hearse and the noise from the funeral service , then finally the heat from the furnace and cremation . Everyone at funerals are remembering the deceased grieving , I was picturing my last ride from inside the coffin ?

All the above are verses that I had written whilst I was in hospital , being treated for severe depression and anxiety , it was durring an “express your inner feelings at this time group session ” express your feelings and you can go back to the lounge?………….three expressions later = more pills stronger pills .

I hope this is what you were looking for the whats , why’s , were and all the rest ?

Point of interest you never forget how your thoughts or how your feelings were at the darkest lowest moment , because they are always lurking in the background waiting gathering simmering. ??


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