So sat here chatting about nothing and everything with a family members . Got me thinking , always a bad thing some would say ! Every body wants something what is “it” that we are truly looking for . 

I should start right at the beginning a simple word game amongst us  ? The biggest item refered to a description with the smallest amount of letters used !  after a great deal of contemplation I said “it” , How they asked , well “it” can be used to refer to describe this ” it is the universe” , it  a word that’s used to refer to things [it] a powerful word ?
So back to what I asked what is “it” that people are looking for , well there are a great many things , salvation, riches, knowledge and health I put these proberly top on most people’s list , there are more like power ECT.

You may ask you don’t get knowledge with the word “It” , but how are you going to get “it” knowledge that is .

So how do we say which is the top “it”, this is how I chose to explain “it” and it’s like this,
A politician wants power , the power to create what ever political vision he likes.

He wants “it” power .

A scientist requires knowledge , the knowledge of every thing he needs to know.

He wants “it” knowledge.

A sick man requires the health .

He wants “it” health .

A poor person would proberly want the wealth he never had .

He wants “it” wealth .

So “it” can be what ever you need it to be weather it’s an everyday item or an item from a dream you want or something you are striving to obtain for the future !




  1. 1.

    used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.


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