Family, Working for a Living 

Like most family members who are the main bread winners , the main or only wage earner . How do you provide enough to pay for everything that is going out , whilst trying to save a little money for the extras . Now add a few children to all that , and you have a struggle on your hands !

There is no way I can turn this into a monetary discussion , I’m not qualified for that. See a financial advisor if your in need of help , don’t be to proud to ask  for help getting it early may be worth it. I would say make sure they are a reputable company .

There are many things that you may have to do when providing for your family, things that are unforeseen happen , it is these that always make  extra work “overtime” nessesary or that little extra money soon goes . 

So I can only say what I had to do through out my working life, to provide for my family. As a young boy I got a  very good head start to life , I could read and write before I started school which was at 5ish yrs old , I could do fractions and had reading age of a 16 year old     So I was very lucky that I was able to pick things up quickly. To the work bit ; started my first job part time as a mechanic, welding and  vehicle body repairs this at weekends, ( I was at school still ) , you may ask what has this got to do with providing for your family, well it’s this , I was taught from an early age that if you are going to do a job , do it to the best of your ability or don’t do it ! The other thing I was taught is enjoy it , you have to enjoy your job , I went on to become an engineer , I came from a family of engineers, my father-in-law was a motor mechanic , I ended my work career as a mechanical design draughtsman in mechanical handling . I for one have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it yes I was very lucky . As a result of this , I think that I have provided for my family to the best of my ability , to the point were I actually put my health at risk , not knowing when to stop , you see I always wanted to go that extra bit further, do it to the best of my ability . The line of balance is a very hard line to walk in life , work to live not  , live to work, I may have had a bad sense of balance at times, letting my work philosophy push me along , but still I enjoyed it all. 

Work is just what you make it out to be, if your not enjoying it or it’s becoming a daily boring routine, it would be safe to say that you are in the wrong employment it’s become a habit robotic , there are always ways to learn new skills, evening classes for one , I did some ! I still strive to learn new things, even now in illness , if I don’t know something  , I ask someone who does never be afraid to ask or look it up , find out about it as much as I can .

What have you learned from this , hopefully you can find some form of balance in your life and work , do the best job you can and just as important is enjoy your work , make a decision to change it if you can , if you are unhappy  ,  never have to much pride that you can not ask for help or information about anything !


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