Survival of the Church or religion 

Which of the two if any, would survive into the future ? 

Of the two I would have to say it would be the buildings they will  survive , the buildings are some of the most gracious and beautiful buildings in the world but religion that I’m afraid is doomed . If you took a survey of worshippers in Church on Sunday how many would you have on average , in major cities slightly more than surrounding villages . It would be low and falling all the time.  Why is that, maybe it’s because religion is not taken as serious now , people do not need it or require that form of belief or find it as comforting as it may have once been  .

Oh it’s still being taken as part of the school curriculum , but the interest is not there. Most children do not care about religion , it’s not a computer game , so not interested ?

Go back what 50/60 yrs there was more belief in religion, so how did religion start to falter and fail in 3 decades. I think it’s a combination of a few things, but mainly because of the inability to keep up with the times and change , giving people what they want, less preaching , flexibility in a modern approach . Action is the best way for the church to progress in the future?  What that action would be I have no idea ……Religion will hang on to the last clinging clawing putting all it’s faith in its own failing religion, I still think it is going to become a thing of the past, whether all types of religion will go at roughly the same time or some will grow then fail and new ones replace them to fail in time , but eventually it is inevitable that religion is doomed to failure. People’s belief in it is failing , with a loss of faith , falling worshippers how can it survive 

What would become of the buildings when religion has no further use for them , they already serve as many uses from community centres to museums, there will always be a way to save a good building  , especially a beautiful one. Who knows you may already have a chapel as a home , you see buildings survive , but the religion is no longer being preached in side it ?


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  1. “Most children do not care about religion , it’s not a computer game , so not interested ?”

    No, it’s not. But then, they’re not interested in what’s happening in the Arctic either; that’s too slow for them to be interested in.

    When it’s too late, they’ll panic along with the rest of them – because that is when they will care.

    Only there’ll be nothing they can do about it.


    1. Hi Gemma it’s a shame but children/ teenagers only care about themselves, I’m British and most of the teenage children here seem to have lost all interest in their own surroundings the world in general . What is really scary is that it is this up coming generation that will eventually make the decisions that govern us . That’s a very serious problem, how can they govern the country when they don’t want to understand what is going on in the other countries in the world ?


      1. I’ll tell you this: the number of British people I meet who have a true interest in European culture is astonishingly small. Most of them visit a foreign country and want a full English breakfast, with milk in their tea.

        Okay, so I take milk in my tea, but I only do it in private.

        How many English people do you know who can speak three languages fluently?

        For myself I speak four… In Germany, if I’m in the South, they think I come from Hamburg or the Netherlands. In the North, I’m from NL. The NEVER think I’m from Britain because they’ve never met a Brit who speaks German as well as I do.

        And I’ve not lived in Germany for 25 years… this isn’t to brag; it’s to show my interest in European culture. Learning the language isn’t that hard, but it does take doing!

        The British just aren’t interested 😉


        1. How true , I have been abroad only once, I’m 58 close to 59 yrs old and have not seen all England has to offer yet ,my German is only very basic from school , I have a terrible Londoner accent, love a cuppa as for my interests they are many and varied from Shakespeare to opera and a great deal more, however I have to agree with you that we the majority of British just aren’t interested in a great deal


          1. I don’t know why we the British aren’t interested perhaps it’s a failure of the educational system or just an historical arrogance that we have !


  2. Our education has been changing constantly from one year to the next the values declined, to allow more children to pass through the exams or at least show a consistent level of education , most of which are illiterate, as to the morals that we are bestowing into our children they are of a dubious nature at best , whatever happened to please and thank you.How can these illiterate things be expected to run a future government, are we all ostriches?


    1. That’s why Rudolf Steiner turned the whole thing on its head. He formed a broad, overall framework for the curriculum – and the teacher training the curriculum skills as much as how to recognize when a child has learned what they were taught.

      Put better, their class of children. Some are faster, some slower; some are good at English, some at the sciences and mathematics. Not all of them, but the majority.

      Doing that means there is no need to move the goalposts; the teacher knows what a child needs to know – and an examination isn’t going to help in this. It’ll only tell you whether you’ve done your job well, or not.

      In Europe, it’s rare for a schoolchild to have examinations until they’re sixteen – the British enforce this at alarmingly early ages, with predictable results. That is to say, in wanting to measure something for their own gratification, the education authorities are destroying the very thing they want to encourage. (And yes, it does happen in Europe, but in subtly different ways).


  3. It’s not just me as most people have pointed this out when we’ve been talking , as generations have come up from our time at school , they seem have taken easier or a softer exam , which although showing a higher pass rate , is actually a less stronger education. It would be nice to have a proper one time exam upon leaving , I believe it would help with the education , adolescents knowing this is the only chance they get at life might be what we need ?


    1. If an adolescent knows it’s their only chance, half of them will be too afraid to take it. The exams for 18yr olds in Germany are set by their schoolteacher and are sat in the classroom they’ve been in for so many years. It’s a long way from the abstracted, formulaic exams that are held in the school hall…

      What the adolescent really needs is consistent encouragment – and a good deal of challenging. With that, they’ll be ready for anything, irrespective of their academic prowess.


      1. Schools make no preparations for children to enter the real world environment , academics is fine however it would have been a nice helping hand in how to approach an interview or a council form for housing any other worldly wise preparations how nice that would have been. But no fill their heads with a lot of info that half of them will not use the other half will forget , till they actually start to learn whilst at work ?


        1. That’s not how the world works, though, is it? The education system has been taken over by educational professionals who know everything about teaching (as read in academic journals) and nothing about the so-called ‘chalk face’ (an allusion to the blackboard).

          I was at a gallery today, and it was disappointing because all the pictures had reflective window glass to protect them* – which made the otherwise excellent lighting into something negative! You couldnt’ see the picture for the diffuse light spread across the reflection in the glass. The art professionals know all because they have a place in the world and they know art from the books. (*A true professional knows that there are 50 types of non-reflective glass for oil paintings, depending on the light conditions… the Dutch professional only drinks coffee).

          They cannot imagine anything else…

          … and they never enter the gallery… and wouldn’t see the problem even if it was pointed out to them.

          It’s vandalism. And they’re paid for it.


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