Was He Married ?

So , here’s the thing whether you have or haven’t read or even heard of the bible then , I presume you know of the person called Jesus . Well of course you have ! not many haven’t even I have read the bible , and why not some are good stories , but  let’s ignore the biblical story side for the moment , and concentrate on the man .For instance did he have a normal childhood , doing the normal every day things that happened durring his time , did he help his father ( earthly one that is ) in his work , how about friends did he have any ? It also would have been normal for a wife to have been selected for him once he has reached the considered age for  manhood  . Basically what I’m getting at was he a typically normal young man ,  doing all that young men do if so , how do we know if he was or not married. ? Did he have a wife in our modern day sense of the word .

1. not [ to ] me . My mother gave me li[fe]

2.The disciples said to Jesus

3.deny.Mary is n[ot] worthy of it

4.Jesus said to them, My wife

5.she is to be my disciple

6.Let wicked people swell up

7.As for me ,I am with her in order to

8. an image

The above is allegedly a translation of a piece of papyrus , that was brought forward by a collector and given to a Karen L king a Harvard Historian of Christianity to translate , verify and to show to the world ? , now at it’s first introduction to the world in 2012 , it was deemed a fake by most. , although the papyrus had under gone tests at MIT , Harvard and Columbia by top papyologists including carbon dating and no signs  of tampering were found ,  it also gained support by others . Nobody has any ideas about or any historical evidence to support either claim, there is no mention as to his earlier life in the bible stories , it starts at a round about his early 20’s if memory serves right .

If there was corrobrative evidence to support a marrage it would throw the Catholic priesthood into utter chaos , this being they are all males and celibate ,  on the basis that all priest’s are male after the apostles and celibate like Jesus ,that was the theological reasoning behind it  , goodness know’s what it would do to the papistry , a female pope ! Oh yeh there goes the unicorn having another dump ?

I know that there is no evidence ! That Karen L King her self , now may believe that the papyrus may be a fake due to the collector being of a dubious nature . However I would like to think that from birth untill those first stories , if they are even to be believed , up till  when he started to be called by Jesus the man we would know of today  , he had lived a life .

A normal life , he grew up with friends met a girl and fell in love who know’s even had children .Maybe their ancestors are walking around now .

Karen L King with the mounted papyrus

Papyrus close up clipped view

Who can tell what really happened in this persons life , after all the stories were written a few centuries after he had died , all this put together by a group of religious zelots representing  different groups of the early forms of what would become known as christianity

[ note:-picture taken from the internet ]

You have to ask yourself a question , if anyone found definitive proof that [THE] Jesus was married and had in fact become a father , would it be accepted by the church or would they argue over every little detail to try and discredit it , I go with the latter it could be belatedly infallible evidence but still it would be denied , the church could not allow such a thing , it  would mean the collapse of certain aspects of its beliefs. The bible would have to have major upgrade and who would be entrusted to do that , [THE]Church?

Dan Browns book , The Da Vanci Code made a fortune from this story .But who know’s were you there no, neither was anybody else , So tell me just what is the truth ?

At the end of the day even if the whole lot was a huge fabricated lie , it has certainly done one thing made people ask questions , bring into the publics view , the church’s shaky hold on some if not all the majority of people’s lack of faith in it’s validation on the truth within the bible. Afterall is it not just a book like any other book .


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