Through Life We Could Do with More of These !


A discussion with a young family member , progressed something like this ; 

It was a he , his tutor in an evening class was telling all the attendees how they should  set up , then use a certain procedure on a metal working lathe , now this is were it gets awkward , I’ll have to explain .

I come from a family of engineer’s , who are descended from enginers of all types too many to mention , but most have had their own companies , engineering shop’s of one type or another , so my family members know from an early age , about many types of engineering . How to use a machine shop properly and safely , starts about the same time as we can walk , our first words were proberly Mum , Dad , Vernier ?

When a person who has , however got a list of many impressive qualifications , but had not worked , with this equipment in a engineering workshop in a production situation , has it wrong , the speed formular was complicated and drawn out , and the grinding angle for the tools to steep , the theory  behind the pratical notes far to sketchy , there were other instances his knowledge base low , he basically let my family member go through the course unaided . ? luckily this was but a very small part of a larger course. [Which I’m proud to say he passed with merits] What upset my family member was that he thought he was being taught by a tutor who was inferior , not in qualifications but in pratical physical knowledge , that when put on a set of scales far outweighs the qualifications !  Unfortunately that won’t help, in [The] real world it’s qualifications that rule ! As it should be but with the correct pratical  knowledge base to go with them .

The family member engaged the tutor in conversation , which he turned to the tutors work experience it was this , after colledge etc with very brief visits to a workshop , basically the minimal pratical experience he needed  to pad his exams and tests , he sort of went straight into teaching machine shop and egineering, he was taught what I call oky coky fashion ! Put your right hand here , You do it like this , read these notes remember this formula , copy what I do ? 
So to the meat of this , yes get an education a good one , qualifications count , but if and when you get in your preferred profession , you need a mentor , for instance if in a machine shop , find the best in there approach him and ask him politely if you need help or something explained would he , be willing this also applies to all the good engineer’s in the shop , how will you know who’s good keep your eyes open , they’ll be the ones everyone else goes to , managment included ? 

I believe in mentors if you find a good one they are invaluable to your work experiences , whether it’s family members or work colleague’s we all could do with a mentor .

The same could  be applied to any place of employment , there are always someone who is willing to pass on his / her knowledge/ skills . Yes there will be some that are stuffy a***holes , there always is , but you will always , always find a good one. 

This is the first bit of advise you need to have. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK , if you don’t ask you will never know the answer !

Always do your work to the best of your ability , if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well , or don’t do it 

I have worked with the above theories all my working career , these were taught to me from an early age by my family members , who I believe had it taught to them !


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  1. How many people do I meet who say the equivalent of “I’m too afraid to ask”. Otherwise known as “you’re a woman, what would you know?”

    It’s the same thing, only when buried in their subconscious. They don’t know that they’re too afraid to ask… so blame others for being ignorant instead. I’m sure you’ve met it?


    1. I have met them .I think the best bit of all is when you say ,”why didn’t you ask someone how to do it instead of doing it wrong” and they reply with ” I don’t know” .That I say is an answer from children not adults ,at work ,it happens to often , sad to say?


      1. I wouldn’t be worried about that, myself. It takes time to learn, and if you literally don’t know any different, you aren’t going to think you’re doing wrong.

        You aren’t going to ask someone when you think you’re doing it correctly!

        The problem arises – as it does here in Holland – that people continue to get it wrong, think they’re doing it right and never question themselves.

        If someone makes a mistake like that, it’s all too human (as Nietzsche said). If a person learns and becomes stronger from having made the mistake, that’s fair enough. It’s when they’re so stupid, so dull witted that they never realize their mistake…

        … but here we’re dealing with the banks in the City of London. They really don’t know how mistaken they are – and to let them make more mistakes of the same kind, the government relaxes the regulations a little more and the noose tightens around the bankers’ necks! And all the time they think they’re doing us all a favour.

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  2. The government doesn’t do banking , so rely on them for their financial experience, the bankers say we need this regulation or other relaxed or changed well maybe suggest it , the government don’t know no better way out of the situation and so, they think are doing us a favour , (by covering everything deeper in crap ?)


    1. It is the responsibility of a government to know what they are governing.

      If the British cannot do this… oh. A fiscal debt of £3.5 trillion (and that’s 2015 – you’d probably crap yourself to know the present figure, which isn’t published yet*)… that sounds like a government that really doesn’t know what governing is.

      *And no, I don’t know what it is. But if the figure doubled in the space of one year, from £1.75tn to £3.5 tn in one year, you can bet it’ll be approaching 10bn by now. Britain’s mismanagement is about to cost it very dearly.


      1. Sorry, that should have read 10 trillion. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with such immense figures. But then, the British government couldn’t when their debt was 100bn… and they can’t now.

        And of course, it’s Greece that has the problems? If only Britain had problems the size of Greece’s! Life would be so easy.

        Well, it was, wasn’t it? And the British did exactly what the Greeks did. They ignored the problem.


      2. You mean it’s going to cost the British people dearly , and governments are rarely truthful to anyone even themselves , the right hand dose not know what the left hand is doing . The government is just a load of independent units who are too scared to talk to each other in case they may be blamed for someone elses cockup , that’ll bring bad publicity and draw attention to that units failings for all to see , until that gets covered over by something else ! How many British politicians are there that you can trust for the truth none ! I don’t think there has ever been any , or will be any.
        I don’t doubt that the debt is in the trillions , but that too will be buttered over to make it look more spreadable, if they can do that it’s​ won’t look as bad to the public ?


        1. All you are saying is that you’ve never lived in Europe to experience what a real government feels like.

          I’ve got an upcoming post about how the Germans worked against the Americans – and did so using the same tactic as the Russians did. There is just so much the Americans can do with their bluster and their long sticks – and again, you know what that is because you’ve experienced it. It was the focus of your comment on the other thread!


          1. It’s the what if’s in life, you know what would our life be like now if we had done this or that, emigrated tried for a new start , but family ties are to strong for some to leave the others behind, maybe my children or grandchildren will have go at it . Best of luck to them , hope they make a go of it ? Britain is drowning, we have lost all we were through bad government, it seems we have to side with a country that will make us believe we are still a nation and alive, because we can no longer stand on our own and feel that we can say we are English the last time I saw the House of Lords it reminded me of the baboon house at Paignton zoo . But what do I know of politics, to be honest not a lot ?


            1. That’s what my German friends thought when they heard “Yestderday In Parliament” – they were shocked that grown up adults could behave like that. Leave alone those in control of a government…

              … and if you think this is politics, then you really do know nothing about how it should be done. Mind you, you’re not alone: many expert political bloggers don’t understand what European politics is all about. Today, almost a month after the elections, the Netherlands still has no government. A few years ago, Belgium hadn’t formed a government in something like 18 months!! Germans don’t take so long, they tend to agree rather than disagree – and all the Brits can do is disagree!

              It’s not hard to move countries, as long as you can support yourself. Europeans are amazingly welcoming (unlike the British!)


  3. The British are a cold reserved people who do not like the unknown, but will disagree over a kids ball going in their garden , so can you imagine how the reaction is to a political difference , I should spend / take the time to maybe understand the political nature of Europe and other countries ,but I get a tad angry at​ their childish attitude towards it all , it’s reminiscent of a school playground all the kids vying for the attention of the popular kid who has the sweets . Not only that the wife turns the telly over or off ? Political writers I find tend to have a leaning toward a particular political party even though they they think their writing is non-biased​ , the writing always seems to have an favourable undertone to it pointing to a specific party , it could be the way I read them you know I’m playing with the words myself , I don’t think I am but who knows ?


    1. No modern person likes the unknown; it’s more a question of what kind of unknown they don’t like…

      As to European politics, it’s simple: these people have to act in a grown up way because their pigeons come home to roost very quickly. It means that whilst the British media lashes Merkel, she is a far more adroit politician than Thatcher ever was. Merkel has led governments aligned with the socialists and the centre parties. And she got them to work together, too. Thatcher simply spat at other politicians – and with Merkel’s 42% of the vote, had a 160 seat majority. Merkel NEVER had that kind of luxury.

      British politics is the odd man out in terms of Europe…

      “Political writers I find tend to have a leaning toward a particular political party even though they they think their writing is non-biased” if you’ve understood any of my posts on the subconscious, you’ll realize WHY they think they’re unbiased… no doubt Thatcher thought herself unbiased; she certainly thought she couldn’t be wrong. Both of which point to the same thing.


      1. Oohhh could you imagine British politicians behaving in a way that could be considered as grownup, and there is a flying pig just gone past my window. All I remember about the Thatcher years was the redundancies and factory closures , struggling on low income, subsidised by working all the hours I could, and very little sleep , it seemed like it lasted a life time at that point in time, hard work was the norm in those days, actually I don’t think that changed much over my working career! And where did that get me f**ked in a wheelchair, running out of breath just because I move to much.
        Sorry went off tangent there , there was work if you were prepared to do the hours and give them more than their monies worth , working really hard for peanuts. Employers could pick and choose bad time to be a worker? I have still got a few of your posts to read through . Carry on posting , I’ll get through them all .


        1. And the Germans achieved the same ends as Thatcher did! And yes, there were redundancies, there were layoffs and the areas in the Ruhr are now poorer on account of it.

          But they weren’t decimated in the way Thatcher decimated the good along with the bad.

          As to “giving more than their money’s worth” – that only speaks of a poor employer, the kind who want to destroy their business. I know a person who, for all his shortcomings, gives his workers a chance to say if they don’t like a part of their job. Every six months, these jobs are offered to others to try. No extra money, no loss in money. Just something to see if you like doing it. It is how to get people to “give more than their money’s worth”.

          But it has another meaning: their boss is interested in them. He’ll be looking for those who truly work well in his small business. What’s more, he knows their worth to the company, and as that grows, so does the money they generate for it. So does their status and their pay.

          That’s how to grow a company. All Thatcher knew was how to smash them. What’s more, she was fucking good at it.


  4. Yes she brought down a lot of companies in the area I lived at the time, the factory estate took a bashing as did the the worker’s , there was no difference between the type of work skills all were affected by it , but I really did have to work my nuts off just to make a good wage every week


  5. Off the top of my head , it appears a Slower process but the same outcome, over that time period would/ did / have the people noticed it creeping upon them , perhaps they had an advantage by the slowness an adjustment period a subconscious acceptance carrying on about their business ! Have I had my eyes closed to this, head down working blinkered , it passes in a blink of an eye ; life !


  6. It’s not so much the slower process, but the fact that if one mine or factory closed, there would only be several thousand redundancies. That’s far easier to deal with than half a million.

    The skills people had in the UK were thrown away; in Germany, some of them – not all – but a significant number, will have either found other work or set something up for themselves.

    Germany’s vitality today is partly due to their forward thinking; the absence of which Britain has suffered from.


    1. The skills we had here in Britain were discarded , forgotten and incinerated , now that we require those very skills , the people who are trying to fill the positions are coming up with the qualifications , but their level of skill and knowledge is lacking in every way possible , we threw out a very good apprenticeship era with those closures and lost some of the best mentors Britain’s ever had , it was a great loss , to think about the knowledge that is now longer passed on the way it was , some old fella taking a young man and turning him into a skilled engineer or tradesman , such a loss !


  7. And all thanks to Thatcherite thinking…

    … now tell me this: was it thought through, or just a knee-jerk reaction? 😉


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