Let’s Face it

Pencil on A4 paper , 2B and a H pencil were used and a rubber eraser .

Paper quality is only very cheap for practice purposes , hense the slightly creased surface , the original photo used was chosen at random from a magazine . I have a few cheap practice pads about , pencils from cheap in price to very expensive ones , pastels , oils and watercolours also differ in prices, however I do prefer pencils , I’ve always struggled with colours ,as I’m colour blind , I drive my wife mad asking  what colour is this , what does that look like , you get the picture .

Went through hell at school because of it , but won a few art awards as well , all a long time ago now , water under the bridge as they say . 


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  1. A friend of mine was hopeless at art. (Mind you, he’s hopeless at most things). Notwithstanding, had his art teacher praised him for the things he could do, it might have helped his self confidence. As it was, his art lessons were spent sweeping the floor.

    Your experience was along the same lines, where the teacher was as shortsighted and dimwitted as my Dutch friends was. Art is a matter of expression, and some people are gifted in expressing themselves in different ways – some through the visual art, others through music and others through philosophical pursuits. No matter: if a person excludes those who have no real talent for art, they are crushing the part of the student that is good at other things.

    The point here being that if a teacher supports the weaker students, those weak students will have more confidence in the things they can do.

    Having said that, if I could draw as well as you do, I would be extremely happy. As an art student, I was the kind that studied philosophy…


    1. You will be surprised what you can get bullied over in school, and back then , well it was not treated the same as now ! Hows it go what don’t break you makes you stronger ,?


      1. That’s like saying having exams at 12 will pick out the future university professors.

        The problem here is that children aren’t adults. I know this is a simplistic thing to say, but most educationalists found school life easy… they slipped through the sausage machine without pain. So, they think the sausage machine is perfect.

        The world only needs so many professors; it needs a lot more people who can use their hands to make things – or did. The point I want to raise here is that if you have a late developer, they’ve already been pushed down, and will continue to be pushed down by the system.

        Bullying has the same character of human interaction as the Americans shooting cruise missiles at Syria for something Syria didn’t do. It’s not healthy; the subtler issue here is that bullying is a symptom of a deeper malaise in the teaching staff of the school – which you’ve pointed to.


  2. This will get your attention, it was not only the the other kids who bullied me at that school, I can remember every single detail about those two teachers, let me tell you a 12″ rule on edge across the knuckles hurts as do many other implements of the class room , I used to get the blame for everything in them classes ?


    1. You know as well as I do that if you stamp on a tender shoot with a boot, the plant won’t grow and you’ll get no food from it.

      The principle is the same.


  3. I always had a place to escape to my mind , books , art, engineering workshop’s and draughting I had a AO board , untill the straw that broke the camels back, let’s just say that it was a bloody big mess , we moved a new school for me and so it starts all over again for different reasons , I was short and come from the wrong side of London , 6 months of that then senior school and better times.
    Funny thing is I look back at it now and think how pathetic it all was , the bullies were acting against something they didn’t understand with violence, while the teachers lot’s of thoughts have gone​ through my mind about those two , I don’t think they understood me , here’s a kid who knew fractions as well as they did and could read a good if not better than the senior school kids , I was the odd one out to them as well !


    1. Now you have an inkling of what’s wrong with the world: people trying to force their idea of the world on others, and doing so with big sticks.

      Take away their big stick, or better, realize WHY they need a big stick instead of a handshake… and all their power fades away to show the scared little boy who wants his mummy.


  4. Miss understanding someone, especially a younger person a child, surely teachers would have had no need to fear a kid , it was probably just a clash of personalities, I was well taught before I started school so on reflection, I believe they had no idea how to teach me so we clashed , I was an easy target for their frustration.


    1. “surely teachers would have had no need to fear a kid” – there are people who are scared of spiders and mice…

      Fear knows no size nor distance, it is fear and works where it will.

      Their inability to convince you that they knew what they were talking about only shows that they only understood what they had to teach… rather than knowing what they SHOULD have been teaching!


      1. Have you ever heard of the Janet and john reading books, one word per page ! Well all the others were reading them , I was reading Sherlock Holmes , Mary Shelly and Dracula at that time , that upset them , I was 5/6 years old at that point in time?


        1. You should have been the teacher’s lieutenant… the child who helps others whilst learning more whilst doing so.


  5. I had a very good start , in that my dad was an engineer as was the rest of my family , I was taught to read very early , my aunt got me books ( worked at at book warehouse , got free books) I knew measurements and increments of them ( fractions) read a vernier . I was left to my own devices most of the time, maybe I had an older mind in a young boys body , all the prefects as they were called, come from the senior year, if I remember rightly there was about 30 odd kids per class , they were big classes , 1 teacher and a helper. Me helping in the classroom not heard of then .


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