Darkness part 2

Darkness calls for me , Finally covered wrapped forever Ever present darkness your embrace Darkness calls. No senses , no feelings , no emotions. There is the darkness , Fading now .death .sleep. Covered in the darkness , position marked. Forgotten now , in the embrace of darkness


You come and cover me. Wrap me in your warm embrace . Accept me encompassed me. Swaddled in your comfort warm embrace. Never wanting never asking just accepting. A place of dreams of sleep of death. Darkness calls for me just this once. To wake tomorrow till Darkness calls for me. .

How to prove it ……By Being Wrong ?

 My Pocket Take on Hypotheses:Scrapping my Mind From School Day's Long Gone How do you provide the proof of a hypothesis , first what is best described by a hypothesis, well it's an explanation made upon limited evidence ( an explanation of a set of facts ),that need further investigation. Remember there are also hypothesese... Continue Reading →

There have been many great female engineers and inventors through out the early 20th century , here's one some of you probably never even realised . Hollywood film actress , Hedy Lamarr is proberly not know as an inventor , but during WW2 she invented a new form a radio jamming , along with her... Continue Reading →

How Do You Discuss The Word Good ?

How do you discuss the word GOOD with some one ,its a hard word to talk about especially when people already believe they know what GOOD is . Good what is the essence of good , most people perceive it as being better , the best of ,as in this is good chocolate the better... Continue Reading →

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